Brothers in Armchairs

Blade Runner (1982) 40th Anniversary

June 24, 2022 Brothers in Armchairs Episode 124
Brothers in Armchairs
Blade Runner (1982) 40th Anniversary
Show Notes

Today’s show is a discussion and review of Ridley Scott’s neo-noir cyberpunk cult classic from way back when, BLADE RUNNER, which celebrates its 40th anniversary on June 25th.

In this show, we do more than a movie review by delving into the lives of the cast and crew, fan theories, trivia, scene breakdowns, and anything related to the film itself.  Needless to say, our shows are a little longer than your average movie review show, but we can assure you that our shows are jam packed with entertaining and interesting discussions.  If that sounds like your sort of bag, hang out with Kenny and Del as they get into Blade Runner.

Clips and articles mentioned:

Philip K. Dick on Blade Runner -

From Workprint to Final Cut -

On the Edge of Blade Runner -

Hauer Talks About Blade Runner -

Alien and Blade Runner Connected Universe Theory:

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